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Retirement Planning

Prepare for the Future with Retirement Planning in Langhorne, PA

Financial planning for retirement is not as straightforward as it was for our parents. They could figure out how to live on a combination of their social security benefits and pension without too much concern about health costs, nursing homes, or living much past the age of 80. The second decade of the 21st century is seeing a more inflected approach to retirement planning. Not many have pensions anymore. Those that do must decide how to take the pension. At Jeff Sprowles and Associates, LLC in Langhorne, PA, we explore options for those about to take a pension. We also use our financial planning expertise to help those with significant assets at TIAA-CREF. We discovered when helping existing clients facing this decision that the TIAA-CREF web site and advisors are not very helpful.

Those with large 401(k) or IRA plans have to invest with a long time frame. We do not think it is prudent to plan on dying by a particular age. Therefore, it is necessary to consider variable investment results and changes in spending as one ages.

We have developed financial models to test various scenarios including:

  • Acquiring a second or replacement home in another state at some point

  • Changes to spending as a result of age or investment and inflation results

  • Need for long term health care insurance and/or life insurance

  • Meeting specific goals concerning one’s estate OR large ticket bucket items such as a round the world cruise

As part of the process we will make determinations about:

  • Your risk tolerance

  • Your short term, midterm and long term goals

  • Allocation of your financial resources among stocks, fixed income, annuities and other assets

  • Suitability of your projected budget to likely results and worst case results

Please e-mail or call us to discuss your retirement planning. Langhorne, PA is home to Jeff Sprowles and Associates, LLC, but we are pleased to assist those who are geographically distant, including clients from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and across the country.