Financial Services

    Jeff Sprowles and Associates, LLC offers fee-only financial services. Langhorne, PA and surrounding area residents can count on our staff to help them save for the future. Unlike other advisors, who are paid by the companies they invest your money with, we do not accept money from anyone but our clients. 

    Financial planning and investment advisory services are intertwined. Most clients will receive a financial model as well as an investment plan, both of which are updated annually or more frequently if needed. Using the model, recommendations are made which include asset allocation for all client portfolios and budget boundaries.

Can you afford to retire? Can you manage the expenses of an assisted-living facility? How can you provide for your grandchildren? These are the kinds of questions we are expert at helping you solve. We pride ourselves on never talking technical financial mumbo-jumbo to clients who do not want that kind of information, and clear on having very technical discussions with those who do. Because you pay us, we tailor our services to what you want and need. We are here for you. 

Often, life changes require assistance in areas where we have been independent before. This is particularly true with regard to investments and general money management. The death of a spouse or sudden change in finances can inspire a need for professional assistance in areas where you might never have considered it.

  • Are you being overcharged?

  • Is your advisor 3,000 miles away?

  • Do you feel your advisor isn't taking your risk tolerance into account?

  • Are you not getting the amount or type of contact you desire?

  • Is your advisor selling you high-fee products including certain types of annuities, insurance policies and mutual funds?

  • Are you having trouble assessing your advisor's performance?

These are complaints we have heard before, and we believe we can help you feel comfortable while delivering the performance you want from your investments. We understand that a person or couple's risk aversion level is important when making investment decisions. You may be uncomfortable telling your current advisor that you are not satisfied. We can help you make the change to JSAAL in a non-confrontational, professional manner. 

In terms of communication, Jeff is in our Langhorne, PA. office five days a week and the occasional weekend to answer your questions or address your concerns via phone, e-mail, or in a face-to-face meeting. While some clients take advantage of this on a regular basis, Jeff insists on meeting with every client at least once a year. During these meetings, Jeff discloses your portfolio performance and reviews the quarterly statements that are mailed to each client shortly after the first of the month. Clients also receive a copy of The (not so) Almighty Dollar Newsletter with market analysis and commentary.

For fee-only financial services, Langhorne, PA residents along with those residing in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and across the country, please contact Jeff Sprowles and Associates, LLC.


Jeff  Sprowles and Associates, LLC

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